Aromaty na bazie etanolu

Aromas based on ethanol are intended for production of food products and alcohol-free beverages with the actual volumetric proof of alcohol not exceeding 1.2% of volume. They greatly enhance scent and taste of such articles as masses, creams, sweets, cookies, bread, desserts, glazes and ice cream and cheese and filling, and work well in all alcohol-free beverages.

Aromatic inhibitors are designed specifically with the proof of the ethanol carrier 91.8% vol., and are used properly and locally in such processes as sprinkling, spraying, painting, injecting, dipping or staining food products not subjected to heat processing any more, they do not only enhance scent and taste of the products, but at the same time slow down the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus increasing durability of the products (e.g. packaged cakes or bread).

Alcohol-based aromas at 91.8% vol. proof is an inflammable substance. For this reason, the product is additionally marked and packaged into attested containers of 1 and 5 litre capacity (UN) intended for transport and storage of products with high-proof alcohol.

Ethanol included in mixtures of flavours used for production of food products and alcohol-free beverages with the actual proof of ethyl alcohol not exceeding 1.2% vol., in accordance with the regulations of the excise act (Art. 30.9.5), is exempt from excise (without additional conditions).


High and continuously stable quality of manufactured products


We achieve high and continuously stable quality of manufactured products with excellent quality of raw materials, qualified personnel, the innovative production process and very thorough inspection of technological processes.

We have and continuously improve our HACCP system. The technologists employed in our laboratory effectively enhance the quality control system. Thus consumers receive the guarantee of safety and quality of the products manufactured in our plant. Our products have the relevant attestations, certificates of quality and MSDS cards.

Packages and using the proper marking of packages allow, in the light of ADR agreements, to transport our flavours in significant quantities with the so-called exclusion, in the quantities limited with LQ, that is, among others up to 8 t gross in vehicles without ADR signs and driven by the drivers who do not have ADR certificates, including with courier mail.

Aromaty spożywcze

Aromas on the basis of alcohol,

in the opinion of our clients, are better than glycol-based aromas, most popular in the market

The ethanol carrier used in our aromas:

point-icon Definitely better dissolves flavours and carries them more efficiently
point-icon-2.png Penetrates products more efficiently and better binds flavours with them
point-icon-3.png Enhances articulation of flavours, which intensifies sense perceptions
point-icon-4.png Is lighter than glycol which renders products with it with lightness and looseness
point-icon-5.png Relieves products of nauseating aftertaste characteristic of glycol
point-icon-6.png Mproves quality and extends life of finished products
point-icon-7.png Improves effectiveness of aromas, which translates into savings in the production process

Clients very highly value quality
and stability of our products

HIGHEST QUALITY is achieved with:

point-icon-default.png High qualifications of experts committed to the production process
point-icon-default.png Use of raw materials of the highest quality
point-icon-default.png Use of professional technology
point-icon-default.png Continuous control of quality of all processes


A wide range of food flavors

Clients can order from us broad range of products

We offer aromas bread aroma, vanilla aroma, caramel aroma, rum aroma, hazelnut aroma, cream aroma, advocaat aroma, coconut aroma, zabaione aroma, caramel-advocaat aroma, almond aroma, orange aroma, strawberry aroma, lemon aroma, pineapple aroma, chocolate aroma, arrack aroma, mild mint aroma, peppermint aroma, wheat bread aroma, vanilla- cream aroma, confectionery aroma.

In our offer there is also original fragrance or taste flavours developed specifically for them,aromatic inhibitors of bacteria, mould and fungi for local use during the production of food products.



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